By darren, 5 April, 2024

Update 2pm Tuesday April 16 2024:  Firmware version 131 is now also available through the normal Over The Air OTA Update system.  There is no need to put the device into beta mode to upgrade to this version as was outlined below.


By darren, 13 February, 2024

There are two versions of the MK75, the MK75 (regular version) and the MK75HV (high voltage version).

When looking at these two units they look the same as each other until they are powered on.

There are two ways to tell them apart..  Firstly the MK75HV will say MK75HV on the box that it is shipped in.  Secondly when powered on the regular MK75 will say "MKOVE MK75" at the top of the main screen and the MK75HV will say "MKOVE MK75HV" at the top of it's main screen.

By darren, 13 February, 2024

If you follow the instructions in the manual for connecting a MK75 to WiFi it normally just works.

You enter the SSID (network name) and password on the web page and press enter.  The MK75 restarts and connects to the network.  You can see that it has connected by going to the WiFi section in the settings where it shows that WiFi is in Station Mode.

Sometimes however this does not go so smoothly and this page is about what to do in this situation.