Troubleshooting the MK75 connection to WiFi

By darren, 13 February, 2024

If you follow the instructions in the manual for connecting a MK75 to WiFi it normally just works.

You enter the SSID (network name) and password on the web page and press enter.  The MK75 restarts and connects to the network.  You can see that it has connected by going to the WiFi section in the settings where it shows that WiFi is in Station Mode.

Sometimes however this does not go so smoothly and this page is about what to do in this situation.

  1. Try a different device to make the connection to the MK75.  By this we mean if you are using a phone to connect to the MK75 wifi try using a computer instead, or vice versa.  The reason is that when you initially connect to the MK75 there is no internet and some devices will only stay connected to the MK75 for a short time before switching to another known network that does have internet access.  It culd also help to have the device 'forget' other networks that it may switch to temporarily.
  2. We heard once of a person who had a network name which contained a period (.) in the name.  His MK75 would not connect to the network.  When he removed the period from the network name it worked.  If you are having trouble try shortening, simplifying or removing special characters from the network name you are trying to connect to.  We tried the same network name as he had here with a period in the name and it worked fine here, so this one is a mystery.
  3. Another person said that they were having trouble connecting and had tried multiple times.  After doing a factory reset of the MK75 it suddenly worked.  The resolution here was probably a power cycle.  So try either a factory reset or disconnect and reconnect power to the device.
  4. And in another case the MK75 rebooted but was then stuck in a mode where it said that it was trying to connect.  Even after powering off and back on the MK75 it was stuck in this mode.  The solution here was to turn off the network that it was trying to connect to.  The MK75 then started normally, tried to connect for a minute or so and then reverted to Access Point mode and on the next attempt it connected properly.