MK75 Battery Monitor

The MK75 Battery Monitor is a new and much improved battery monitor which has been available since February 2022.

Compared to the MK70 the major new features are:  A custom plastic moulded enclosure, a rear attachment system which allows for easy panel mounting and removal, a larger colour screen and wifi connectivity which allows for both remote monitoring of the main battery monitor parameters as well as Over The Air software updates and Remote monitoring.

It is easy to install with removable clips that allow it to be mounted without the use of any screws.  It is simple to wire up with just four wire connections that need to be made (two to the battery or battery bank and two to the included shunt).


MK75 Front View
Mkove MK75 Showing full on a LiFePO4 System

It supports all types of battery systems.  Lithium Polymer, LiFePO4 or LFP, Lithium Ion, Lead Acid, AGM, Deep Cycle.

It has a color screen, touch sensitive buttons and a toughened glass front.

It has WiFi built in so that it can either serve as an Access Point or connect to an Access Point.  If you are on the same network you can view the data directly, or if it is connected to an access point then you can view the data from anywhere in the world using the Remote system.


MK75 installed in battery box
Installed in Battery Box


eBay Feedback for the MK75

eBay Feedback
eBay Feedback


MK75 Front



The Remote web pages.

MK75 Remote Page
Live view of the Remote Data Page



MK75 Front Box
This is the HV High Voltage version which can support voltages up to 90 Volts.


More pictures follow..


MK75 Front



MK75 Front


MK75 Daniels Truck
Truck Installation