Firmware Updates

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By darren, 14 October, 2022

This firmware version supports a new ADC type.  We had to change to a new ADC due to the chip shortage.  The new ADC is more accurate, although it does require that the shunt can only be wired into the negative terminal of the battery.

By darren, 27 September, 2022

This version includes a fix for the charge efficiency not calculating correctly.  Charge efficiency is a measure of how efficient the discharge and charge cycle is.  It starts with a default value for each battery type and is gradually updated depending on battery performance.

By darren, 31 August, 2022

This version adds a feature where if the battery monitor becomes disconnected from it's access point it will every minute attempt to reconnect.  This means that you can take it away from it's network and it will reconnect when it returns.