Remote System Temporarily Not Working

By darren, 5 April, 2024

Update 2pm Tuesday April 16 2024:  Firmware version 131 is now also available through the normal Over The Air OTA Update system.  There is no need to put the device into beta mode to upgrade to this version as was outlined below.


Update 9am Monday April 8 2024: Firmware version 131 has been released which fixes the Remote and OTA Update functions.  It is available through the beta update system.  If you go to the Menu -> About screen and hold down the right button your device will go into beta mode.  You can then go to the OTA Update screen and update to firmware version 131.

After doing this you should normally turn off the beta update mode by going back to the About screen and holding down the right button again.


Update 4pm Sunday April 7 2024:  The problem was fixed but OTA Update became broken.  We now have a version running here where everything works.  It is being tested overnight and we'll have more news tomorrow.  If you want to check our test Remote system you should see that it is updating.


Update 5pm Friday April 5 2024:  The problem is now fixed.  The issue was not at the server but required an update of the Mbed-TLS code in the MK75 firmware - I think due to Let's Encrypt updating their global CA details?  This will require a firmware update of each MK75.  We will have this available in the next few days and announce it here.


Initial Report Friday April 5 2024:  The Remote system is currently not working.

We updated the server certificates in the morning of April 5th 2024 that same way as we always do each month and this broke the system.  The issue is that the MK75's are not able to send their data due to an issue with the certificates on the server.

We have been working on this all day and will continue to work on this until the service is restored.